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2 Ways To Be Prepared For Pregnancy And Delivery

by Stephen Silva

Pregnancy is really exciting, but it can also be stressful, especially if you are pregnant with your first child. If you have just found out that you are pregnant, then here are two things that can help prepare you for your pregnancy and delivery.

Understand the Symptoms

First, understand some of the symptoms that occur during pregnancy. For example, did you know that you can get round ligament pain, your hips can hurt, and your legs can hurt while you sit or sleep because everything is loosening?

Round ligament pain occurs when your uterus stretches and causes your stomach muscles to expand. When this happens, your ligaments will start to stretch out from the belly button down. When you twist, stand up, lay down, or turn over, you may feel pain on either side of your belly button and lower abs. This is round ligament pain and is completely normal.

If you start to feel really severe pain, however, this is not normal and should alert you to call your doctor right away.

If your hips and legs start to hurt during pregnancy, then make stretching part of your nightly and morning routines because this will help your body to stay as loose as possible. Otherwise, the pain may get worse and will make walking and sitting difficult.

Know the Different Between Real Contractions and False Labor

Second, understanding contractions can make a world of difference when you are pregnant. If you know what false labor feels like, then it is far less likely that you will go to the hospital or panic for no reason.

False labor contractions are short, they do not rise and fall in intensity, and they are usually just in your lower abdomen. These contractions can go away when you bathe in warm water, adjust your sitting position, or lay down. Normal contractions, however, will persist and will continue no matter what you do.

Real contractions are much more intense. They start out slowly, rise, and then fall. They also can be felt in the lower back and sides. These contractions may cause you to stop talking, and when the contractions get so strong that you can no longer talk, you know that they are real and indicate that labor is coming.

In addition, the contractions will become more frequent. Once the contractions are happening every few minutes, you will need to call your doctor so that he or she can tell you when to go to the hospital to get ready for labor and delivery.

By understanding these important things, you can be prepared and know how to handle some of the symptoms of pregnancy and labor. If you have more questions or concerns, contact a clinic like All Women's Clinic.