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Can Chiropractic Help Infants With Torticollis?

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A baby who always seems to tilt his or her head to one side may have a condition called torticollis. Torticollis may be present at birth or can develop in the first months of life. Medical treatment suggested by many pediatricians is often less effective and sometimes riskier than gentle, conservative chiropractic methods. Causes Torticollis may develop before birth when the baby’s position in the uterus causes it to be constrained or the blood flow to the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck is reduced. Torticollis can also be caused...

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Reduce Your Symptoms During This Allergy Season

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If your typical way of getting ready for allergy season is to buy a case of tissues and a large box of antihistamines, consider there are a few other options to reduce your allergy symptoms. Put your effort into preventing the symptoms to begin with, rather than fighting sneezing and a runny nose after the fact. From simple to complicated, here are some ways to keep the symptoms from happening, or from being as severe when they do start. Non-Invasive Measures Start simply by limiting your access to allergens. During certain seasons, you may...

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2 Ways To Be Prepared For Pregnancy And Delivery

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Pregnancy is really exciting, but it can also be stressful, especially if you are pregnant with your first child. If you have just found out that you are pregnant, then here are two things that can help prepare you for your pregnancy and delivery. Understand the Symptoms First, understand some of the symptoms that occur during pregnancy. For example, did you know that you can get round ligament pain, your hips can hurt, and your legs can hurt while you sit or sleep because everything is loosening? Round ligament pain occurs when your uterus...

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Learning To Walk Again After Achilles Tendon Reattachment: How Your Orthopedic Doctor Can Help

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The Achilles tendons are the stretchy bands of tissue which connect your calf muscles to the backs and bottoms of your heels. When these tendons are injured, you will need immediate surgery and lots of followup visits with an orthopedic doctor. The doctor will help you walk again, and your treatment plan will involve one or more of the following. Leg Braces or Inflatable Air Casts In some people, the simplest movement, such as landing on your feet after a jump shot in basketball, can cause these tendons to snap. When that occurs, you are...

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Signs You Should Visit The Chiropractor

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If you do not have a lot of experience with chiropractic treatment, you might not recognize the signs that it’s time you made a visit to one. To help put you on the right track, you should take a moment to reflect on the following indications that you need help from a skilled chiropractor. This way, should you find yourself with such troubles, you will know who to call right away so that you can feel better soon. Shoe Soles Are Wearing Differently Over time, the soles of your shoes will begin to wear down. Take a close look at both...

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Teens And Hair Loss: Could Your Teen Be Battling With Trichotillomania?

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Is your teen complaining of hair loss? Have you noticed bald spots on the scalp, sparse eyebrows, or missing eyelashes on your teen? If so, your child may have a disorder called Trichotillomania. Trichotillomania Trichotillomania is an impulsive disorder that can occur in people of any age. However, it commonly begins in the teen years. Sufferers of the condition have a compelling need to pull out their body hair. It’s often their way of coping with stress. The pulling out of the hair gives them a sense of relief and helps to soothe...

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Natural Home Remedies For Headaches

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Unfortunately, headaches are a common trial in the average American’s life. With these natural remedies, a headache sufferer can alleviate some of the intense pain. Continue reading to discover which of the following remedies you may even have in your home already.  Lavender Oil Lavender is a useful home remedy for headache pain and luckily enough, it smells great too! It can either be inhaled or applied topically. The recommended ratio for inhaling lavender is two to four drops for ever two to three cups of boiling water. A lot of...

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Handling Your Child’s Speech Impediment: What You Should Know

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When you become a parent, your first instinct and concern is to protect them from any illness or ailment that will affect or harm them as they grow and make their way through the world. In spite of all of your efforts, some conditions cannot be prevented no matter how hard you try. As your child begins to develop their speech and communication skills, they will fumble through difficult sounds and words. However, as they progress, you may begin to notice that they have a continued speech issue such as a lisp, stammer, stutter, or other speech...

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3 Surprising Benefits Of Dental Implants

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A missing tooth can be easily addressed today with a dental implant; this is a false tooth that is screwed into the gum line to become a permanent replacement. A good cosmetic dentist can shape, mold, and even color this tooth so that it looks very real and blends in easily with the teeth around it. A person with a dental implant may forget that they have it and typically no one can notice that it’s an implant, even when close up. While a dental implant can improve the appearance of a person’s smile, it can have many other...

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3 Signs Your Child Is Ready To Make The Switch To Contact Lenses

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If your child is currently wearing eyeglasses, there’s a good chance that he or she will eventually ask to ditch them in favor of contacts (if he or she hasn’t asked already). After all, many children reach an age where they’re embarrassed by their glasses and will go out of their way to not wear them in public. At the same time, many parents are skeptical about letting their children make the switch to contacts because they’re not sure their children are ready for the responsibility. As a parent, however,...

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