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Three Reasons The Treadmill Is The Perfect Post-Injury Machine

by Stephen Silva

So, you're ready to run again after a lengthy battle with an injury. Before hitting the pavement, you may want to consider the benefits of hopping on the treadmill instead.

It's easy to regulate your pace

After you've been away from the sport for a few weeks or months, it may be tempting to dive back in at your pre-injury intensity levels. It takes hard work and dedication to build speed, and it can be hard to stomach even the smallest of setbacks. However, time off does cause a drop in fitness levels. It can take six weeks to recover the fitness lost during just two to four weeks off running.

Treadmills offer an effective way to run at speeds your body can handle. Set the pace on machine to a speed that feels easy, and go. Outside, it's all too common to look at your watch and realize you're running much faster than intended. The treadmill, on the other hand, is going to keep you at your desired pace.

You can run for a set length of time

Depending on how long you've been away from running, you might be unsure of how much mileage your body can realistically handle. To help reduce the risk of re-injuring yourself, you may want to set a time limit for your first few runs back, instead of focusing on mileage. Instead of running four miles, maybe just try to run for 30 minutes.

Many treadmills allow you to select your goal time. Once you hit that time, the machine automatically transitions to cool down mode. This can be especially beneficial if you're prone to spacing out during your runs, or if you just don't feel like babysitting the clock.

You can stop when needed

When you're coming back from an injury, it's incredibly important to stop if you feel any injury-related pain. Say you're ready to start running again after a bout with Achilles tendonitis. Two miles into your run, however, you feel that familiar twinge of pain in your ankle-- you're not as recovered as you thought you were. Unfortunately, you're now two miles from your starting point. Continuing to run might cause more damage to the Achilles tendon, but you have to get home somehow, right?

On the treadmill, if you feel pain you can simply stop. There's no need to worry about walking or running home, because you're already there. During those first few post-injury runs, just knowing you can stop whenever you need to can be a huge relief.

Treadmills are a great option for anyone recovering from an injury. If you are interested in owning a treadmill of your own, contact a business such as Gym Outfitters Inc