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Basal Skin Carcinoma: Getting Diagnosed & Treated By An Oncologist

by Stephen Silva

Does your skin have open sores on it that do not seem to heal as fast as they should? It is possible that you have basal cell carcinoma, which is skin cancer and should be promptly treated by an oncologist. In this article, discover the information you need about basal skin carcinoma and how much you might pay to get it treated.

What is Basal Skin Carcinoma?

The open sores that you have on your skin might be basal skin carcinomas, because they don't heal like normal sores. Basal skin carcinomas sometimes appear as raised, red patches on the skin. The disease can also come in the form of raised, pink colored growths and flat areas that are rough and lighter than your natural complexion. You may notice that the growths are super fragile and sometimes come off when you are shaving your body hair. When they come off, it takes a long time for them heal, or they don't heal at all.

How is Basal Skin Carcinoma Diagnosed?

A specialist will have to examine the sores on your body and perform a biopsy to verify what they are. Basically, a biopsy requires that all or part of one of the sores is removed and examined in a lab for cancerous cells. He or she may also examine your lymph nodes to see if they are larger than usual. The specialist will also ask you what kind of symptoms you are experiencing, as basal skin carcinomas tend to be itchy, painful and bleed a lot.

How Can an Oncologist Treat Basal Skin Carcinoma?

Treatment will depend on how basal skin carcinoma has affected your skin and how advanced the condition is. The oncologist may only perform surgery to remove all of the sores and get rid of the cancerous cells. However, it is also possible that you will have to undergo radiation if the cancerous cells have advanced beyond the sores. Chemotherapy is necessary in advanced cases of basal skin carcinoma.

What Does it Cost to Get Basal Skin Carcinoma Treated?

What you are charged to get basal skin carcinoma treated depends on how advanced the disease is. Getting treated during the early stage of progression should cost slightly over $1,700. Advanced basal skin carcinomas can end up costing over $56,000 to treat, as you will likely need multiple radiation and chemotherapy sessions with surgery. Speak with an oncologist so he or she can diagnose and treat you for basal skin carcinoma. Contact a center like Southwest Oncology Centers to learn more.