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A Walk-In Tub Can Help With Mobility Issues You Have

by Stephen Silva

If you have a more difficult time getting around these days, then you should try to make your home as comfortable for you as possible. This can mean making changes to some of the areas known for being harder to navigate, such as your bathroom. Installing a walk-in bathtub is a great way for you to make it easier, safer and more comfortable for you to take your baths. If you have questions about what a walk-in tub this article will help to answer some of them.

How does a walk-in tub work?

This type of tub comes up higher on the sides and has a seat in it. The seat is set up tall enough that it is easier for you to sit on. The tub has a hand-held massager in it so you can wash your upper body and hair while staying seated comfortably. The seat has a non-slip texture so you won't have to worry about sliding down it into the tub part.

There is a door in the side and this is where you will walk in the tub. The door will seal completely so no water will escape while you bathe. You can choose a tub with different sized doors and this lets you know you can find one that accommodates you if you are a person who is a bit larger than average.

The tub will be designed with a fast drainage system so you won't have to wait a long time for the tub to drain before you will be able to open the door to exit it. The floor of the bathtub also has a non-slip surface for safety reasons.

Are there any other features you can get?

Yes, you can find a walk-in tub that has different features so you can find one that makes your bathing experience perfect for you. There are jets your tub can come with that can be located in different areas of the tub. This allows you to get a tub that offers jets right where you need them, so you can get help with pain relief in the areas that bother you the most.

You can also get a tub that has a seat that's contoured to fit your body. This means you won't have to worry about hard parts, lumps or bumps in the wrong places where they will cause you to experience more pain.

Now that you know more about a walk-in tub, you will have a better understanding of how much of a help they can be to you regarding your mobility issues and any pain you have. For more information, visit sites like