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3 Tips For Combatting Your Headache Pain

by Stephen Silva

Countless individuals suffer with headaches each day. The pain can definitely take its toll on you to the point where you aren't able to do the things you enjoy. Instead, you find yourself lying in bed and hoping the pain goes away. If you are tired of dealing with headaches and are looking for treatment methods that have helped others just like you, consider some of the following.


With biofeedback, your bodily functions are measured using tiny electronic sensors. Those sensors measure such things as skin temperature, muscle tension, blood pressure and heart rate. All of that data collected is then sent back through to you using a series of computer images and sounds. The main goal of this form of therapy is to train your body how to be able to control all of those bodily responses. When you learn how to ease any tight muscles, you can prevent headache pain. This type of therapy is far more effective, not to mention cheaper, than taking a bunch of prescription medications.

Chiropractors and Stretching.

Oftentimes, headaches occur because your muscles are tight and knotted up. By visiting a chiropractor every week to realign your joints and stretch any muscles, you can help eliminate the pressure causing headaches. Your chiropractor can go over some of the different stretches with you that you can do at home on your own between visits. If you feel a headache coming on, take about 20 minutes and do a series of stretches. Here are three stretches to help you out: shoulder shrugs, neck isometrics and neck range-of-motion.


Regular exercise like swimming, biking or brisk walking can help to minimize the frequency and intensity of any headaches you might deal with. The exercise keeps your blood moving and decrease muscle tension, thus minimizing your chance of struggling with migraines. Aim for about 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise per day as many days of the week as you can. This will not only keep you in shape, but it will help to reduce a lot of health problems as well.

While these are only three options available to you, there are plenty of other tips and tricks to reduce headache pain as well. From changing your diet to getting regular massages, there are a lot of ways to take control of your headaches quickly and easily. Find out more by discussing your concerns with your healthcare provider today. Contact a doctor, such as Dr. Paul Lyons, for more information about chiropractic care.