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Does Your Elderly Parent Has Osteoarthritis And Stay In A Two Story Home? – How A Stair Glide Can Make Your Parent More Mobile

by Stephen Silva

If you have an elderly parent who has osteoarthritis, then you should be concerned. Aging puts you at risk for this condition. It has a lot to do with your cartilage and joint not being able to recover from damage and stress.

Osteoarthritis decreases your range of motion and causes an uncomfortable grinding on your joints. This results in inflammation, pain, and swelling. These symptoms make it unpleasant and difficult to stay mobile. Read on to find out how you can keep your elderly parent active.

Install A Stairlift

If your parent who has osteoarthritis has a house with a staircase, then it is going to be a daily struggle for him or her to use the stairs. A stair glide or stairlift is a good solution for seniors with mobility issues. This device will carry your parent up and down the stairs while sitting in a seated position. It gives him or her easy access to the basement level or second story of your home.  

You have to consider certain variables when choosing a stairlift. These variables include the size of the stairwell, stairway shape and length of service needed. Some companies give you the option between battery powered and electric. Battery powered units are rechargeable, quieter and works when you have a power failure.

Cost is something else to consider. If you have limited funds, then you may want to consider buying the stairlift refurbished or used. This expense is not covered by Medicare. However, some states offer Medicaid waivers to people who qualify.

If your parent is a military veteran, then he or she should check with Veteran Affairs (VA). VA offers cash grants to veterans with disabilities who need home safety improvements. Financing programs are also available for covering expenses.

Engage In Joint-Safe Exercise

Installing a stairlift eliminates the excuse of not being able to move around your house. It is important for people with osteoarthritis to maintain their joint flexibility and muscle tone. You have to get your parent involved in a joint-safe exercise to prevent his or her condition from deteriorating. Tai Chi is a good example of a joint-safe exercise.

Exercising relieves your body of overall discomfort. It increases your circulation and brings on healing factors to improved damage joints. Improved range and flexibility allow your feet to move smoothly. Condition muscles keep you from further damaging your joints and helps keep your feet stable.

As your parent gets older, it is important for him or her to live a healthy lifestyle. You have to make the necessary adjustments to keep your parent independent for long as possible.