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4 Things A Dermatologist Can Do To Help You Get Younger Looking Skin

by Stephen Silva

As you get older, you are probably concerned about your face betraying signs of your age with things like brown spots, wrinkles and loose skin. Just because you are getting older doesn't meant that your skin has to tell your age, however. There are a number of great procedures that a dermatologist can do to help you get younger looking skin and erase signs of aging from your face.

Laser Therapy

There are many different types of lasers in dermatology used to make your skin look younger and more refreshed. One laser therapy, like the resurfacing laser Fraxel, will improve both the tone and the texture of your skin. It also serves to help minimize the pores on your face. They work by slightly damaging your skin's top layer to start up the natural healing process, which will help your skin to produce more collagen.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can make your skin look brighter, smoother and less wrinkly. They work by using acids in varying strengths to literally lift off the topmost layers of your skin. Their goal in doing this is to remove the older, damaged skin and reveal underneath newer, healthier looking smooth skin. Your dermatologist will recommend a light, medium or strong peel depending on your skin and your desired results.


During this type of therapy, your dermatologist will use a device that will gently electrically stimulate your skin, reaching to the deepest layers of your skin. This, in turn, will start to increase the collagen and elastin production in your skin, resulting in tighter, firmer and more plump skin. This procedure also increases the circulation in the areas applied, and healthy circulation means your skin is getting more of the nutrients that it needs.

Prescription Retinoids

If in-office procedures aren't your thing, your doctor can prescribe you a retinoid cream to help you combat the signs of aging. Retonids are derived from a vitamin A compound, and daily and nightly use has been proven to increase your skin's collagen production as well as increase your cell's turnover rate, the rate at which new cells are produced. Retinoid cream also will help unclog your pores and increase blood flow. All of these things combined result in healthier, younger looking skin.

If you aren't happy with the way that you look, contact a local dermatologist for a consultation. They can examine you and your skin and determine which procedures would help you get younger looking skin.