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It's All About The Care: 4 Steps To Negotiate An Effective Managed Care Contract

by Stephen Silva

In this world of managed care programs, it can be difficult to get a contract that works for you. When that happens, you can be left feeling like you're painted into a corner with no way out. Don't get discouraged. In most cases, you just haven't learned how to negotiate effectively. It is possible to negotiate a contract that works for you. Here are four things you need to know to help you negotiate a managed care contract that fits your needs.

Make it About You

When you're negotiating a managed care contract, you have to make it about you.  You know what your strengths are, so build your contract around those. Make sure you create a strong, internal management system that builds on the strengths you already have implemented. The managed care company you work with will have other medical providers that they deal with. You need to set yourself apart from rest so that you ask for – and receive – the compensation you want and deserve.

Move Beyond the Rates

Of course you want fair compensation for the services you render. However, to get the very best managed care contract, you have to look beyond the rates. You have to look at the other benefits that the contract will provide. For instance, look at how well the provider deals with claims issues or how they deal with delegated credentials. One of the benefits of having a managed care provider that delegates credentials is that it allows patients easier access to new physicians by getting those physicians into the office quicker. In most cases, those benefits will offset a lower return rate.

Set Relationship Goals

When shopping for a managed care provider, be sure to set relationship goals. You're going to be spending a great deal of time working with your managed care payer. For that reason, you need to make sure that you concentrate on the long-term goals you have for the relationship.

Negotiate Effectively

In order to get the contract that works best for you and your practice, you need to know how to negotiate effectively. There are two elements you need to remember when negotiating the contract. First, ask for what you need. Second, be prepared to explain why you should have the things you want.

If it's time to negotiate a managed care contract, the tips provided here will help you get a contract that works for you.

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