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Tips for Helping a Relative Through Short-Term Rehab

by Stephen Silva

If you have a loved one who has hurt him or herself in such a way that they needs to stay in an inpatient, short-term rehab center, you might worry about their health. You know that they are trying to get better, and you might want to help but not know how. Here are some tips for helping your loved one while they are in short-term rehab.

1. Use Your Attitude to Improve the Attitude of Your Loved One

Whenever you call your loved one on the phone or visit him or her in rehab, make sure that you keep your tone upbeat and your attitude and outlook positive. This is because a positive attitude (or a negative attitude) is infectious. If you are feeling positive, your loved one is likely to feel that way as well. This can help your loved one stay motivated.

One good exercise to use when talking to your loved one is to ask them about the progress that they are making. It doesn't matter whether they suffered a setback that week. The only thing that is going to be helpful to focus on is the progress that they have made, even if the progress is just feeling well enough to talk to friends while eating. By focusing on the positives, you can greatly improve your loved one's overall outlook.

2. Talk to Your Loved One's Doctors and Therapists

Make sure that you talk to your loved one's doctors and therapists to see what your relative's long- and short-term goals are as well as what their treatment plan is. This will allow you to talk to your loved one about their treatment plan in detail and will show your loved one that you truly care about their recovery.

3. Bring Distractions

No one wants to focus on getting well all the time. Bring a DVD player and a selection of movies for your loved one to watch while he or she does his or her exercises. Brings audiobooks for your loved one to listen to while practicing walking. Bring craft projects and puzzles to help your loved one pass the time while he or she is resting. This will help make your loved one's experiences in the treatment center more bearable.

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