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What To Expect After You're Expecting: Hiring A Private Personal Trainer To Lose The Baby Weight

by Stephen Silva

Once the wait time is over and your bundle of joy has arrived, you are sometimes left with a body that somewhat resembles a deflated, floppy balloon. What happens postpartum to your body is a thing of medical wonder and is mostly related to the drastic hormonal changes that take place. Because of this, some moms find after baby that getting back in shape sure isn't as easy as expected and the usual gym trips and diet plans simply won't do the trick. It is times like this that hiring a private personal trainer is one of the most insanely logical decisions you can make. 

What is the difference between a private personal trainer and a trainer at the gym?

A private personal trainer offers a wealth of advantages over the trainer you could probably contract here and there at the gym. Because this person is not affiliated with the gym, they can actually come to you, so that means even if you don't have a sitter for your newborn, you can fit in visits with your personal trainer whenever you like. This professional's sole point of service is for you when they arrive at your home or predetermined meeting place, so there will never be worries of a training session getting cut short like there could be at the gym. 

What can a private personal trainer offer you with the private sessions?

Working with a private personal trainer means you will have a fitness guru on your team that will put a lot of thought and effort into what it takes to help you get your pre-baby body back as much as possible. You will likely be offered:

  • customized workout routines according to your body needs and strengths
  • a personalized nutrition plan that will keep you healthy while you get back in shape
  • one-on-one workout and fitness coaching that could involve everything from mild weight training and cardio to yoga and pilates

How do you find a reputable private personal trainer?

It is only normal to think about safety when you are bringing an outsider into your home with you and your child. Therefore, it is never recommended to just hire any advertising private personal trainer you find. Do your research to find those that offer good credentials, such as health certifications or degrees. Look for trainers, such as at Halevy Life, that have a strong business profile as a contractor and will willingly give you references to contact when you ask.