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Testing For Food Allergies: How To Find Out If Your Child Is Allergic To Certain Foods

by Stephen Silva

Do you think your child has food allergies? Unfortunately, allergies to certain foods are quite common. Your little one may have a difficult time consuming different foods you'd normally consume, such as eggs, peanuts, and assorted dairy products. If you have concerns, it's important to take action to find out what your child is allergic to and what you can do to help your little one.

Schedule an Appointment With a Gastroenterologist

A gastroenterologist is a medical professional who specifically deals with the stomach and the different things that happen to impact the stomach. You may need to take your child to see a pediatrician and get a referral for a gastroenterologist. However, it's important to see this type of medical professional because he or she could run a series of tests to determine if your child is truly allergic to certain foods and beverages.

A blood test may be required to rule out specific food allergies. Along with the blood test, your child may need to take a lactose intolerance test. During this particular test, your child will need to drink a specific liquid, wait a few hours, and then undergo another blood test. These tests may be time-consuming, but they'll help you get a better idea of what is causing your child some pain and discomfort.

Use Alternatives When Cooking and Preparing Meals

If you find out your child is allergic to specific foods, it's important to avoid those foods and use alternatives when cooking or preparing your child's meals. It was once a lot more difficult to find alternatives for certain things, but there are now a lot of different substitutes for assorted foods and beverages. If your child is lactose intolerant and isn't able to consume traditional milk from a cow, you could always replace it with almond or soy milk. Both options come in different flavor varieties to make them even tastier.

If your child is allergic to eggs, there are simple ways to substitute them when baking. For example, if you're baking a box cake, you could skip the eggs and oil altogether and simply replace those ingredients with a can of soda or some applesauce. Looking up different alternatives for certain foods is a great way to ensure that your child can still enjoy a variety of delicious meals.

Many children and adults have food allergies. If you suspect that your child is allergic to certain foods, having tests performed is important. If you find out your child is allergic to something specific, you can start looking into alternative foods and beverages to use as a replacement. Contact a food allergy treatment clinic for more information and assistance.