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Preparing for a Colon Inspection Procedure

by Stephen Silva

It is an unfortunate reality that colon cancer and other problems can have severe impacts on a person's overall health. To catch these problems, individuals will have to undergo a special colon inspection procedure.

A Colon Inspection Procedure Is Especially Important For Older Individuals

While it can be possible for individuals of almost any age to be recommended for a colon inspection procedure, this is particularly important for older individuals. These individuals may be at a much higher risk of developing colon cancer, but these inspections can allow for these problems to be diagnosed sooner so that the condition can be easier to treat. For this reason, older individuals will want to undergo this procedure at least once every decade to give themselves the best chances of catching these significant health threats. However, those with certain chronic medical conditions may need to undergo this procedure more frequently.

You Will Be Fully Sedated During the Colon Inspection Procedure

It is not surprising that a person may be hesitant about undergoing a colon inspection procedure, but they will be fully sedated throughout this procedure. This can allow them to avoid any discomfort or apprehension that they may experience. Once the procedure has been completed, the patient will be moved to a recovery room where they will be able to wait until they regain consciousness from the sedatives. In most cases, this will be around an hour after the procedure, but it can vary from one patient to another as a result of their unique sensitivity to medical sedatives.

The Discomfort Following the Colon Inspection Will Be Fairly Mild

It is easy to assume that you will be extremely sore following the colon inspection procedure. However, most individuals will find that they only experience mild discomfort following the procedure. Using a specially designed cushion can help to alleviate this discomfort by taking pressure off of the site rectum. Luckily, most patients will find that their discomfort is significantly reduced the day after the procedure, which can allow them to start returning to their normal routine. Warm baths and over-the-counter

A colon inspection procedure can identify a wide range of potential health threats and problems. By appreciating the need for older individuals to undergo regular colon inspections, the fact that you will be fully sedated throughout the entire procedure, and that the lingering effects of this procedure will be mild, you can more effectively plan for undergoing this important preventative screening procedure and appreciate the important role it will play with your health.