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Lesser-Known OB Services That Every Woman Should Be Acquainted With

by Stephen Silva

As long as you are an adult woman, you are probably familiar with visits to your OB doctor. Most women will typically visit this doctor when they need prenatal care, pap smears, mammograms, pelvic exams, and so on. Hence, if you are not having any issues with your reproductive system, you could be under the impression that you do not need to see this professional. But you would be mistaken.

The reality is that OB doctors offer a vast range of additional services that not many people are aware of. And you must familiarise yourself with the breadth of their services so that you know when and why you would require their professional intervention. Read on for a few of the lesser-known OB services that every woman should be acquainted with.

Bone Density Services

Not many people will have their bone health checked until they acquire a fracture or other forms of injury. Yet, as women get older, they become highly susceptible to these injuries due to reduced bone density. During menopause, women experience a drastic drop in their estrogen levels. This decrease in this hormone will lead to increased bone resorption, which diminishes bone formation.

The loss of bone density will put you at an increased threat of fractures and other bone-related injuries. It is also worth noting bone density can also diminish due to other factors such as anemia and cancer. When you seek bone density services from an OB doctor, they will carry out medical imaging to determine the current state of your bones. Consequently, they can determine if you need to take calcium supplements to reinforce your bone density.

Weight Management Services

A common complaint that some women have as they get older is the sudden onset of weight. This weight gain can be incredibly frustrating if you have not made any significant life changes that would cause it. Yet, some women will simply brush it off as a decrease in their metabolic rate and assume that the increased weight is normal. Certainly, your metabolism will become slower as you age.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should add tens of pounds in a seemingly short period. When this happens, it is advisable to seek weight management services from an OB doctor, as the weight gain could be caused by an underlying condition. Most commonly, your OB doctor may find that your hormones are imbalanced, which could stem from a thyroid condition. Alternately, the OB doctor could diagnose you with diabetes, which would warrant medications and a lifestyle change.