Senior Care - How to Provide Elderly Independence

  • 3 Signs Your Child Is Ready To Make The Switch To Contact Lenses

    30 December 2014

    If your child is currently wearing eyeglasses, there's a good chance that he or she will eventually ask to ditch them in favor of contacts (if he or she hasn't asked already). After all, many children reach an age where they're embarrassed by their glasses and will go out of their way to not wear them in public. At the same time, many parents are skeptical about letting their children make the switch to contacts because they're not sure their children are ready for the responsibility.

  • A Career In Pediatric Home Health Care

    26 November 2014

    When it comes to thinking about home health care, you probably only think of those options being available for older individuals who are ill and unable to take proper care of themselves. However, if a family has a child that has an illness or a condition that makes it impossible for the family to care for the child full-time, they turn to pediatric home health care. If you are an LPN and are considering a career in home health care, you may want to consider the pediatric field.