Senior Care - How to Provide Elderly Independence

  • Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Local Laboratory Services

    20 December 2021

    As a patient, you may have the option of choosing the lab where you want your blood work and tissue samples sent. However, if you have never used any of the labs in your area, you may wonder which one can offer the services that you need. Before you select one, you may want to gauge what each lab makes available and what benefits it can offer. You can use a number of different criteria to identify which laboratory services in your area might be the best ones for your healthcare needs.

  • Lesser-Known OB Services That Every Woman Should Be Acquainted With

    18 November 2021

    As long as you are an adult woman, you are probably familiar with visits to your OB doctor. Most women will typically visit this doctor when they need prenatal care, pap smears, mammograms, pelvic exams, and so on. Hence, if you are not having any issues with your reproductive system, you could be under the impression that you do not need to see this professional. But you would be mistaken.

  • Screening Procedures To Schedule At Your Women's Health Center

    18 October 2021

    A well woman exam typically includes generalized checkup procedures such as checking your blood pressure and temperature, as well as more specific procedures such as a pap smear and breast exam. But if you have specific risk factors such as strong family history of a specific gynecological problem, your doctor may recommend targeted screening procedures as well. Here are a few examples of screening procedures you could schedule at your center for woman health services if recommended by your doctor.

  • Stubborn Hypertrophic Or Keloid Scarring? 2 Prescription Scar Topical Gel Options

    21 September 2021

    If you have one or more raised scars on your body, then you may find that these scars reduce your self-confidence in your appearance. However, while over-the-counter scar treatment products work for some people, others have bad experiences with these OTC products and find that they do not help their scars at all.  Next time you visit your dermatologist or primary physician, you should ask them about the various prescription scar topical gel products available today that have been proven to help flatten both newer and old raised scars, such as hypertrophic or keloid scars.

  • Preparing for a Colon Inspection Procedure

    23 August 2021

    It is an unfortunate reality that colon cancer and other problems can have severe impacts on a person's overall health. To catch these problems, individuals will have to undergo a special colon inspection procedure. A Colon Inspection Procedure Is Especially Important For Older Individuals While it can be possible for individuals of almost any age to be recommended for a colon inspection procedure, this is particularly important for older individuals. These individuals may be at a much higher risk of developing colon cancer, but these inspections can allow for these problems to be diagnosed sooner so that the condition can be easier to treat.

  • Internists vs Family Medicine Physicians: How These Primary Care Doctors Differ

    22 July 2021

    You likely know that you should visit a primary care physician on a regular basis to obtain preventative care services. However, you may not understand how the different types of primary care practitioners differ. While there are six main types of primary care practitioners (PCPs), internists and family medicine practitioners are among the most common primary care doctors today.  Read on to learn how these two primary care doctor types differ to help you decide which PCP type may be best for you and your specific healthcare needs.

  • Reasons Why Most Seniors Prefer Hospital at Home

    22 June 2021

    If your elderly parent has a chronic illness, your first idea is to take them to the hospital for treatment. However, some age-related illnesses take a long time to heal, and they would be hospitalized for weeks and sometimes months. Extended hospital stay is terrifying for most seniors as some of them associate hospitalization with death. Living in a hospital setting also limits their social interaction and removes all sense of a normal life.

  • Why Pediatric Dental Clinics Are Better For Your Children Than General Dentists

    17 May 2021

    While there are specialized areas of dentistry that require different medical degrees, when it comes to a general dentist, they are virtually all trained to be able to treat anyone from birth all the way up to the most elderly people in America. With that in mind, it can be surprising to learn that a bunch of dentists practice what is known as pediatric dentistry, where they only (or at least mainly) prefer to treat children.

  • What To Expect After A Tummy Tuck

    23 April 2021

    A tummy tuck is a big decision, and if you have decided to go ahead and get one, you are probably wondering how tough the recovery process will be. You may also be wondering how much time it will take. Knowing all of this is essential for your recovery to go smoothly. Here's a look at what you need to do to recover quickly and safely.  Medications You will be prescribed an antibiotic to ensure that there is no infection.

  • What Can A Weight-Loss Coach Do?

    22 March 2021

    Weight-loss coaches aren't someone that is standing behind you with a whistle and a clipboard, dressed in a uniform yelling at you about what to eat and when to workout, but they can help you learn how to eat properly and work out in order to lose weight. A weight-loss coach can be beneficial in your weight loss goals, helping you to achieve your goals much faster and more successfully than attempting to do it all on your own.